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  • a)    Procurement of documents required:

    ·         Property Register Card

    ·         City Survey Plan

    ·         Development Plan remarks

    ·         Town Planning remarks

    ·         Traffic & Planning remarks for Reg. Line of proposed road

    ·         Existing Building plan Approved copy.

    ·           Any other required document.

    b)    Actual area determination by Survey & records:

    ·         Plot Area Survey

    ·         Flat area survey or calculation from approved plan.

    ·         Finalisation of Plot Area actually in possession of society & individual flat area


    c)    Preparation of Feasibility report:

                                          i.        Plot / property details & description

                                         ii.        Technical report

                                        iii.        Financial analysis with probabilities of varying carpet areas

    d)    Submission of Feasibility report to General Body:

                                          i.        Submission of Final Report.

                                         ii.        Discussion in General Body & approval of same or corrections if needed.


  • Preparation of Tender Document: 
  • a)    Preparation of draft tender by PMC

    b)    Submission to Managing Committee / Redevelopment Committee

    c)    Presentation of Draft Tender Document to Society.

    d)    Approval of Draft Tender Document by General Body with necessary changes.

    e)    Fixing the dates for Paper Notice, Sale of Tender Forms, Submission of Tender Forms. Fixing if Earnest Money Amount, Tender Form Cost, Opening date of Tender etc.

    f)     Printing of Tender forms.


  • a)    Opening of tenders received in presence of Redevelopment Committee OR General Body.

    b)    Preparation of Comparative Statement of tenders received & submission to society.

    c)    Short listing the developers based on the Balance Sheets / Works completed & offer submitted.

    d)    Presentation of developer to explain their profile & offer for redevelopment.

    e)    Site visits of short listed developers & assisting committee to submit its views & report to general body.

    f)     Finalisation of developer by society in the Special General body meeting.


  • a)    To verify the plas submitted by developer to society & give opinion on the same.

    b)    To check the carpet area in the proposed plans & compare the same with the offered carpet area of each & every flat.

    c)    To explain the plans to the member & submit to the developer the inputs & suggestions of various members in the proposed plans.

    d)    To finalise the plans accepted to the members & society.

  • a)    To assist the advocate appointed by society in preparation of draft development agreement.

    b)    To give technical details for the finalization of development agreement.

    c)    To attend meeting with society’s advocate / developer as regards to finalization  of development agreement and security of society’s interest.

    1.    To examine all alternative plans of proposed building

    2.    To examine & verify the RCC design details

    3.    To supervise the execution of work from foundation, erecting of R.C.C. Structure till finishing of superstructure of the building

    4.    Supervision includes periodic supervision with two or three site visits in a week

    5.    To check the quality of the work being carried out

    6.    To confirm whether the agreed amenities are being provided

    7.    To submit to the Managing Committee / Society bimonthly report of progress, short comings & discrepancies in work



    ·         PRE-EXECUTION:

    a)    Review of municipal drawings prepared by developer to check conformance to agreed carpet areas/ amenities/ DC Regulations

    b)    Review the master project schedule submitted by developer.

    c)    Review the structural design basis report and methodology to ensure compliance to codal requirements and safety of RCC Structure.

    d)    To verify approvals obtained and various NOC obtained for the proposed building.

    e)    To assist society in understanding the electrical layout as per the interiors layout finalized.

    f)     To obtain and check drawings/ layout received from Fire Consultant, Electrical Consultant, Plumbing Consultant and other related consultants.

    g)    To issue certificate of work completed before releasing the Bank Guarantee


    ·         EXECUTION STAGE:

    a)    Preparation of check list for all construction activities for quality assurance.

    b)    To co-relate the working drawing received with the BMC approved drawings

    c)    Part time supervision and checking of all construction activities with working drawings and specification by conducting periodic site visit at least 2 visits per week or more depending on the progress of the work.

    d)    To check the implementation of design given by the structural consultant and bring to the notice the discrepancies if any in the same and see that same is rectified.

    e)    To check whether testing of materials used and concrete samples have been maintained and rectification done if the results are not up to the mark

    f)     Material checking shall be done as per the established norms and all records maintained.

    g)    To keep overall check on the work and see that the work and the material used is as per the specification and the list of amenities mentioned in the development agreement.

    h)    Monitor progress of work and informing delays if any

    i)     Bi-monthly progress report covering quality/ progress/ photo/ critical open issues/ deviations from agreed specification if any

    j)     Attend joint meetings with developer & society representatives as regards to construction activity.


    ·         COMPLETION STAGE:

    a)    Preparing a flat wise snag list covering defects/ deficiencies and getting them rectified.

    b)    To measure members flat after completion and issue carpet are certificates accordingly and bring to notice increase or decrease in the carpet area of the flats wise, before possession would be taken

    c)    Collecting requisite guarantees/ warranties, as built drawings, all technical drawings, final approved plans and handing over to society.

    d)    Reviewing the occupation/ building completion certificates obtained by the developer and advising society on deficiency if any.




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